Diamond Bookmark E-Mail Newsletter Launches in February

Official Press Release

Scheduled to launch its debut issue in February, the Diamond Bookmark email newsletter is a monthly bulletin with the latest developments in the world of graphic novels. Designed for teachers, librarians and anyone interested in the educational utility of comic books and graphic novels, the Diamond Bookmark is the best way to receive useful news and information on comics and graphic novels in a concise, digest form.

Developed in conjunction with Diamond's revamped Bookshelf Magalog (magazine/catalog) and updated Bookshelf Website, the Diamond Bookmark will serve as an easily accessible graphic novel resource. Understanding that the education market has needs separate from other market outlets, the Bookmark newsletter will feature articles and title recommendations specifically fashioned with teachers and librarians in mind.

Each issue of the Diamond Bookmark will be divided into these sections for ease of use:

  • Lead Stories - The top stories will feature important articles relevant to educators and librarians
  • Recommended Titles - Alerting educators to new and existing titles they can use in their classrooms or libraries
  • School Features - Useful information about the application of graphic novels in the classroom, including lesson plans, curricular examples, other teachers' experiences and more
  • Library Features - Meet other librarians, read reviews of titles by industry professional Kat Kan and stay abreast of recent graphic novel developments in libraries across the country
  • Diamond Bookshelf Website News - Find out when the Diamond Bookshelf website has been updated
  • Upcoming Events - Spotlights upcoming graphic novel events in different cities
  • Your Feedback - Tell us what you think on a variety of topics, just send an email to testimonials@diamondcomics.com.

Moreover, the stories found in the Bookmark will be archived on the Bookshelf website, Diamond's one-stop graphic novel resource

for teachers and librarians.

"There is a wealth of information out there promoting the educational benefits of comics," said Diamond's Education Specialist Keith Chow. "This is indeed an exciting time, and we are thrilled to share our knowledge of comics and graphic novels with educators and librarians everywhere!"

Diamond Comic Distributors is committed to promoting the use of comic books and graphic novels as educational and instructional tools. To learn more about the educational benefits of graphic novels and comics, simply point your browser to http://bookshelf.diamondcomics.com/subscribe.asp and sign up for the Bookmark today!

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