Diamond Announces Gem Award Nominees

Official Press Release

Specialty retailers can cast their votes for the products and suppliers from the past year that have made the comics specialty market shine the brightest with the 14th Annual Diamond Gem Awards.

"The 2003 Gem Award nominees embody the finest of what the comics industry has to offer," explained Diamond President and CEO Steve Geppi. "While all of Diamond's suppliers and their products are important facets of the specialty market overall, the Gems offer our customers a wonderful opportunity to honor those that have been particularly beneficial in helping their businesses grow during the past year."

Selected by a panel of Diamond product specialists, nominees were chosen on the basis of their overall impact on the industry, while comics and related merchandise were chosen on the merits of their quality, creativity, and sales performance over the last year.

A full listing of this year's Gem Award nominees can be found on page 7 of the February 2004 issue of Diamond Dialogue. Retailers can cast their votes for the Gem Award with ballots issued in their February Previews Order Form or via the Initial Order Entry feature of Diamond Online's Retailer Services Area, which also contains a complete list of nominees.

The winners will be announced in April.

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