Dial "C" For Comics Presents "Return of The Super Pimps"

Official Press Release

Dial "C" For Comics, LLC, is proud to announce the release of its first comicbook, Return Of The Super Pimps ™!   For, in times of great peril, there is only one thing to do:   Dial "P"… for Pimp!

During the 1970s, The Hood was the place to be.   Its streets were safe and clean, Soul music filled the air, and every neighbor was Black and proud, all thanks to their local protectors:   The Super Pimps.

Blackbeard -- the leader with the living locks!  

Foxy Mama -- lupine lady of the night!  

Homeboy -- the sentinel with a special connection to the streets!  

Ghetto Blaster -- wielder of the fantastic 8-Track Suit!  

Sidekick -- rookie Kung Fu master!

Together, these Urban Revengers abandoned their previous careers as hustlers and hookers.   Devoting themselves to the betterment of their Brothers and Sisters, the Super Pimps delivered justice with a strut, battling such villains as The Mo-Foe, Honkey Kong, Buffalo Soldier and their arch-nemesis, Darquefire, the self-appointed Voice of the People with a penchant for Violence and Voodoo.

But that all changed on one night in 1979… and the Super Pimps were no more.

Now, almost thirty years later, The Hood is a different place.   Libraries and theaters have been replaced by liquor stores and porn shops.   Brothers kill Brothers.   And the Super Pimps have faded into nothing more than a myth used to frighten ghetto children.

But one man remembers the truth.   Detective Jackson Maple still believes in his childhood heroes and sets out to reunite the Super Pimps, just as a familiar evil returns to The Hood after so many years…

"Don't let the word 'pimps' throw you," urges award-winning screenwriter Richard A. Hamilton, the writer/creator of Return Of The Super Pimps™ .   "This comic isn't a spoof or parody of Blaxploitation Films -- it's a story about redemption and how all of us, even pimps, have the potential to be heroes, so long as we aspire to do the right thing.   That being said, if you love Soul Cinema and straight-up superhero action like I do, Return Of The Super Pimps is the book for you, dig?"

"But don't just take my word for it -- check out the dynamite artwork of international superstar Ulises Roman and the vivid colors of Jasen Smith and Maria Laura.   These guys are the finest undiscovered talents out there… until now!"

Dial "C" For Comics, LLC, supports the release of Return Of The Super Pimps™ #1 with booths and appearances at San Diego Comic-Con International 2006, Wizard World Chicago 2006, and the New York ComicCon 2007, as well as six exclusive Return Of The Super Pimps ™ character buttons featuring Blackbeard, Foxy Mama, Homeboy, Ghetto Blaster, Darquefire, and Blackout -- a brand new Super Pimp who debuts in issue #6.   Limited to 3000 pieces, these full-color 13/4" circular pins are sure to be instant collectors' items.

Return Of The Super Pimps™ #1 (of 6) is a full-color, full-length comicbook premiering this July with 24 pages of story and full-color art and no ads.   $2.00 US

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