'Diabolik' Heading to European TV

A television series based on the hit Italian comic book Diabolik is being developed by Sky Italia, Sky Deutschland and BSkyB. Consisting of 10 one-hour episodes, the project marks the first collaboration by the three pay-television companies, which are controlled by 21st Century Fox.

Created in 1962 by sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani, Diabolik is a ruthless master thief who typically steals from other criminals, using lifelike masks and vast scientific knowledge to fool his adversaries and evade his pursuers. He's assisted by his lover Eva Kant, who's also a master of disguise.

A half-century later, Diabolik comics remain wildly popular in Italy, where they sell as many as 400,000 copies. The 800th issue was released last year.

“This project has the potential to capture the imagination of our collective audiences," Anne Mensah, BSkyB's head of drama, said in a statement. "It is great to have found a property that each of the broadcasters is equally as passionate about, we look forward to working together to bring it to the screen.”The iconic character was previously adapted for film in 1968's Danger: Diabolik, and for television in a short-lived 2000 animated series broadcast in Europe.

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