DF offers exclusive "Dreadstar," "Witchblade" collections

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June 11, 2004, Runnemede, NJ – Dynamic Forces today released information on two new collections, being prepared for August Shipping. Both are available for pre-order now from your local comics shop, and direct from Dynamic Forces. Look for copies in your favorite bookstore this August!

This incredible collection features all 3 stories from Top Cow Productions and Harris Comics cool crossovers, and the DF Exclusive Prelude!

Featuring story and art by all of the original creators including: David Wohl, Joe Benitez, Mark Texeira, Jason Gorder, Joe Weems, Gail Simone, Joyce Chin and Art Adams!

Best of all, this complete TPB collection features a complete series cover collection, and a brand-new cover by artist Howard Chaykin!

$9.95 Suggested Retail Price

Jim Starlin's classic Dreadstar is now available in a trade paperback collection, featuring the second 6 issues (7 – 12 of the original series) of the series! Over 20 years in the making and close to 200 pages of story, art and more!

Dreadstar features the adventures of Vanth Dreadstar; Dreadstar, the last survivor of the destroyed Milky Way galaxy, found himself transported to the Empirical Galaxy, where he was recruited by the sorcerer Syzygy Darklock to help bring an end to a two-hundred-year-old war between the corrupt Monarchy and the fanatical Instrumentality.

The pages in this new edition have been produced by digitally scanning from the original film, and new cover art created by Starlin exclusively for this Edition! Also featuring the original covers and character art and an introduction by Al Milgrom!

$19.95 Suggested Retail Price

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