Dezago and Rousseau Unleash a Little BEDLAM: Duo Self-Publishes 'The Perhapanauts'

One of the perks of "making it" in the comic industry is having aprofessional publisher (or two or three) willing to publish your new ideasfor comic books.

Of course, that assumes that creators always want that arrangement, withall that it implies. For Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau, they decided notto go down that road with their latest creation, "The Perhapanauts."

"Craig and I aren't pitching this to anyone," Dezago told CBR News lastweek, "We really wanna just do our little story, publish it ourselves, andnot hafta listen to any editors or publishers telling us what weneed to do. Our next issue is almost done and will be out in thefall (that one is full color on newsprint of all things)."

Out now is the printed-via-photocopy-machine introduction to thelight-hearted comic, "The Perhapanauts: Dossier," which features severalshort black and white stories and profile pages of members of B.E.D.L.A.M.(Bureau of Extra-Dimensional Liabilities and Management), a

cross-dimensional team of heroes that include a ghostly young girl, anartificially evolved Bigfoot, a similarly evolved (although with more mixedresults) Chupacabra along with more seemingly mundane heroes.

"We are strictly grass-roots here; we only printed 500 copies, signedand numbered, available at whatever cons we attend and through our Web sitewww.perhapanauts.com. We've already sold more than half(in only two shows; 3 days at HeroesCon in Charlotte, and 1 day at MSG inNYC) so I guess you could say that they're going fast. They go for $5 each(plus $1 shipping, checks payable to 'todd dezago') and the next venturewill be out toward the end of September. All the info will be listed on theWeb site."

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