Dezago and Rousseau kickstart 'Perhapanauts' graphic novel

Few Kickstarter pitch videos are genuinely funny, but the one created by longtime collaborators Craig Rousseau and Todd Dezago for their new Perhapanauts campaign is one of them. Maybe that's why they're nearly halfway to their $15,000 goal just a day after the launch. It's amazing what you can accomplish with a Chupacabra puppet and an artist in a bear suit ...

After a decade of releasing Perhapanauts first through Dark Horse and then Image Comics, Dezago and Rousseau are returning to self-publishing for the 64-page graphic novel The Perhapanauts: Into Hollow Earth, which continues the adventures of the operatives of Bedlam -- taking them inside the Earth itself.

"'Into the Hollow Earth' takes The Perhapanauts into a world where science and magic have merged, where strange creatures — and strange peoples — fight to survive,," Dezago explains, "where long-lost technologies could serve to save the World Without — or destroy it from Within."

Pledge incentives range from from a personalized outgoing voicemail message from Choopie the Chupacabra to a signed and limited-edition copy of the book to original artwork. The campaign ends June 26.

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