Dexter To Undergo "Atonement," More Bad Guys, In Season 5

Following the surprising climax of the show's fourth season, things are going to change for Showtime's Dexter as it heads into season 5, according to the show's producers.

Talking during the Television Critics Association press tour, producers described Michael C. Hall's character as going through a period of "atonement" in the new season, as he struggles to deal with the events of the final season four episodes as well as becoming a single parent. Helping him through this period will be multiple guest stars, as the show steps away from the tradition of having a sole villain in each season.

It'll also be change behind the scenes for the series; showrunner Clyde Phillips has been replaced this season with Chip Johannessen, a move explained by executive producer Sara Colleton, who said that it was "time for fresh blood" behind the scenes. Colleton also told reporters that rumors that Julie Benz would return to the show despite her character having been killed as untrue: "We can say no, absolutely... It would fundamentally harm the DNA of our show."

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