<i>Dexter</i> Plans Another Season Ending Bathtub Twist

Warning: massive spoilers for the fourth season of Dexter lurk ahead!

Following the surprising conclusion to Dexter's fourth season in which the serial killer's wife Rita (Julie Benz) became the final murder victim of the vicious Trinity Killer (John Lithgow), it's hard to imagine how the series can top that moment in terms of shock value. But rest assured, Showtime is looking to up the ante by ending season five with a twist that will make you forget all about that bloody bathtub.

E! Online reports of the currently airing fifth season's supposed ending:

A little birdie told me they have another "doozy" planned for the end of the season—the kind that will have everyone talking, á la the bathtub. My source told me it's a good payoff and then I couldn't really hear anything above the buzzing in my ears. Be forewarned.

Short of killing Baby Harrison or possibly Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), there's really only one way I can imagine the Dexter creative team would be able to trump Rita's death: by finally allowing Dexter to get caught. The character has had far too many near misses to evade capture forever, and the opportunity to spend an entire season with Michael C. Hall playing Dexter without having to adhere to social norms -- not to mention having to interact with the surrounding cast with his precious little lie fully exposed -- is too rich to resist.

Frankly, it's one of the only twists I can think of that would keep my personal interest level in the series intact, though perhaps I'm off the mark and the writers have something unpredictably brilliant up their sleeves. Just a few short weeks until we see what happens, I guess.

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