Devin Grayson goes dotcom

[DevinGrayson.com]Writer Devin Grayson better be getting a good deal on cardboard boxes and packing tape with all the moving around she's doing. Not only is Grayson soon swapping Bat-titles, trading "Gotham Knights" for "Nightwing," she's also switching official Web sites.

After spending the last two years as part of the 2kcomics.com collective with fellow writers Jay Faerber and Brian Vaughan, Grayson has branched out on her own with the appropriately named www.devingrayson.com. Although Grayson and her creative partners thoroughly enjoyed their Waldenesque virtual cooperative, she realized the time had come to try a solo journey on the Information Superhighway. "I think that something about our stated plans to take over the world began to conflict with the peaceful nature of the retreat," Grayson jokes. "And we realized that for security purposes, we'd be better off pretending not to know each other. Of course, we've all had lots of practice with that already."

Grayson designed the site, which launched this week, with friend and webmistress CarolAnn Shepherd. Click around and you'll find some cool flash animation, a detailed autobiography, previews of upcoming comics, a complete checklist of Grayson's work and a comprehensive collection of the print and online interviews she's conducted during her career in comicdom. "Our big goal now is to find, catalog and upload all the interviews I've done, which I've long since stopped keeping track of," Grayson says. "I'm also hoping to be able to showcase some of the work of the many great artists I've had the good fortune to work with."

One of Grayson's favorite features on the new site is a collection of scripts and other writing samples, something she also had included at 2kcomics.com. "Scripts are very useful commodities for artists, who can use them while building up a portfolio that emphasizes storytelling skills over flashy splash pages," Grayson says. "And writers like the chance to see the format that proposals or scripts take so they can get a sense of how to shape their own pitches and projects. I would have loved to get a glimpse of a professional script when I was trying to break in, and I'm happy to be able to provide that now."

The site does not, however, feature Grayson's e-mail address or a message board, features found on many other comics creators' Web sites. "Fans and critics who feel the need to get something off their chests can write to me care of Marvel or DC, or visit me at a convention," Grayson explains. "The goal is to have people read - and hopefully get something out of - my work, not to collect thousands of pen pals or start an online popularity contest. And message-board posting is habit forming. I'd rather spend that time writing, and I'd rather people interested in my work spent that time reading."

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