Devil'sDue Previews: "Sheena" and "G.I. Joe: Dreadnoks Declassified"

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G.I.Joe: Dreadnoks Declassified #2

by: Josh Blaylock, Corey Zayatz & Joe Dodd

The unraveling of the untold history of the Dreadnoks continues! The many lives lived by the man that will be known as Zartan leads him to the brutal biker gang and their leader known as… Zartan?! Plus, an opportunity to make money leads Zartan to Japan, and a tragic event that changes the lives of many!

Sheena: Queen of the Jungle Preview Issue

by: Robert Rodi, Stephen E. De Souza & Steven Cummings

Thought lost in a plane crash, the girl that would be known as Sheena-- the powerful and beautiful Queen of the Jungle-- defied logic, and not only survivied, but thrived in the wilds of South America. Now an adult, she is discovered and brought back to civilization… where the war for supremacy truly begins! Sheena is back, and ready for the 21st century!

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