Devil's Due's Journey to Gen Con

Official Press Release

Chicago, IL – August 10, 2005 – Devil's Due is readying to amaze its fans and convert new ones by attending their first Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN (August 18 - 21). Be sure to visit DDP's booth (#331 near Wizards of the Coast) and check out the new "Forgotten Realms: Homeland," "Dragonlance: Chronicles," "G.I. JOE: America's Elite," and D3 titles (Penguin Bros., Misplaced, Shades of Blue). Featured at the booth will be artist signings, Forgotten Realms and G.I.Joe convention exclusives (while they last!) and plenty of cool D&D freebies and previews of upcoming issues.

• Artist Signings (check booth #331 or DDP website for times).

Tracy Hickman ("Dragonlance: Chronicles"), Tim Seeley ("Forgotten Realms: Homeland," "G.I.Joe," "Hack/Slash," "Kore"), Josh Blaylock (DDP president, "G.I.Joe," "G.I.JOE: Arashikage Showdown," "Penguin Bros.," "Misplaced," "Kore"), Tyler Walpole ("Dragonlance: Chronicles," "Forgotten Realms: Homeland," "Stronghold").

• Conventions Exclusives and Giveaways.

"Forgotten Realms: Homeland #1" with a cover by Tyler Walpole (limited print run!) and "G.I. JOE America's Elite #1" with a cover by Sunder Raj (limited print run!); each item will sell for $10. Plus free posters, bookmarks, buttons and much, much more!

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Hawkman #8

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