Devil's Due's "Hack/Slash" Gets Sliced Hard!

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Chicago, IL – Acid Angel, The Waking Man, X-0, Mortimer Strick, the Hibachi Devil…  five horrifying Slashers ready for mauling, mayhem and murder!  But who's to stand in their way?  Cassie Hack, tortured schoolgirl turned Slasher hunter, and her monstrous partner Vlad, that's who!  This October, following up the July 25¢ Special - Pre-Sliced , Tim Seeley's cult favorite horror comedy HACK/SLASH, soon to be a major motion picture, returns with HACK/SLASH: SLICE HARD , putting the title characters in a desperate situation at the mercy of a mass of nearly unstoppable foes.  Before HACK/SLASH hits the theatre screens, check out SLICE HARD in October!

HACK/SLASH: SLICE HARD – written by Tim Seeley (HACK/SLASH, Loaded Bible) and illustrated by Mark Englert (Invincible), Nate Bellegarde (Loaded Bible) and Joe Largent. The one shot 48 page story retails for $4.95 with 3 covers. Cover A –by Stefano Caselli (G.I.Joe: America's Elite, Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways) (AUG063232E); Cover B by Crank! (AUG063233E); and the Limited Retailer Incentive Cover C by Tim Seeley (Forgotten Reams, G.I.Joe) (AUG063234J).

"This time, we're not only trying to make the goriest, most action-filled HACK/SLASH ever,"  says creator and writer Tim Seeley, "we're going into the logistics of how Slashers function, and how they can keep coming back.  It's like science class HACK/SLASH style."

"Right from the start, I knew Hack/Slash was a comic after my heart. There are lots of horror and comic in-jokes- containing the silly plots and dialogue of slasher movies with an interesting twist, and characters you actually begin to care about. Considering that it just got optioned for a movie, it's time to catch up on the original." ~ Creature-Corner.com


When Slashers attack, Cassie and Vlad are ready to take the case!  After surviving her own mother's monstrous transformation into an evil, grotesque Slasher, Cassie, and her hulking partner Vlad, vowed to stop such monsters from harming innocent lives.  Hack/Slash-Tim Seeley's sometimes scary, sometimes hilarious, always irreverent deconstruction of the slasher horror genre! Slated to be a major motion picture from Rogue Pictures! Contact your local comic retailer to add this astounding new DDP title to your pull list today!

In Hack/Slash: Slice Hard, Cassie and Vlad find themselves weaponless and trapped in a medical facility with six of the most outrageous, deadly Slashers ever to stalk a nubile teen!  The blood will flow!  If you're gonna slash, ya' better SLASH HARD!

VIEW PREVIEW ARTWORK HERE:  http://devilsdue.net/promo/HS_SliceHard/

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