Devil's Due Reveals "Hack/Slash Vs. Chucky"

Official Press Release

Chicago, IL – On the heels of Devil's Due Publishing's recently announced publishing agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Products Group to bring horror icon Chucky back to the world of comic books, the proud company unveils HACK/SLASH VS. CHUCKY (Cvr A - JAN073557, Cvr B - JAN073558, Cvr C - JAN073559) pitting the tiny menace against DDP's own horror franchise stars, Cassie Hack and Vlad, in a terrifying new crossover! Available this March, HACK/SLASH VS. CHUCKY, written by Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Loaded Bible), interior art by Matt Merhoff and cover art by Tone Rodriquez and Chris Moreno, promises 48 lethal pages, each priced at $5.50.

"The return of a popular Hack/Slash baddie, mystical voodoo amulets, Cassie taking on Vlad, and Chucky's comic book re-debut…this is really going to get horror fans talking, whether they read comics or not," says Tim Seeley.

And DDP wants to hear the talkback! Especially trash talk! Log into your MySpace.com account and take part in DDP's MYSPACE TRASH TALK COMMENT CONTEST! Post an insult comment as either Chucky or Cassie to Hack/Slash's Myspace profile at: http://www.myspace.com/hack_slash; the best insult will win the original pencil artwork for HACK/SLASH VS. CHUCKY, Cover A! Insults should be clever, avoiding swearing and obscene language. Additionally, only text comments will be judged. HTML images will not be counted in the contest.

Trash Talk Comment Examples:

Cassie: "Pack your bags, twerp! I just got $50 bucks for you on eBay!"


Chucky: "You swing like a girl!"


Cassie: "Stay still so I can step on you!"

Chucky: "What, you can't get me from over there with those toboggans you call feet!?"

View sample art here – http://devilsdue.net/promo/CHUCKY/

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