Devil's Due Releases "G.I. Joe Special Missions: Tokyo" & "Nightwolf #2" Previews

Official Press Release

Special Missions: Tokyo

by: Robert Rodi, Mike O'Sullivan & Tim Seeley

When Budo disappears, Jinx steps in to investigate! And when she gets entangled with a dangerous underground militia in Tokyo, getting in way over her head, she calls for help… Who responds? Gung-Ho, Wild Bill, Clutch and Rock 'N Roll?! Also contains Data Desk profiles on each of the cast! Plus a second all-new, original story!


Nightwolf #2

by: Stephen L Antczak & Nick Marinkovich

After Nightwolf's werewolf alter ego accidentally kills a dirty cop, the Mayor of Quad City vows to use werewolf hunters to kill the creature. Meanwhile, Davey's exploits as both a werewolf and Nightwolf put a strain on his relationship with Shannon as this intense tale about the price of power continues from Visible Light Entertainment.

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