Devil's Due Publishes Sigongsa Properties

Official Press Release

Devil's Due Publishing has completed detailed negotiations to publish comic properties owned by Sigongsa (STUDIO ICE), a multimedia Korean publishing group beginning in September of 2004.

Sigongsa is a dynamic multimedia empire in Korea, producing educational and entertaining children's books, art and history books, lifestyle and gaming magazines and comics, which they describe as "both beautiful and interesting". Sigongsa has previously worked with North American comic book companies Tokyo Pop, Image Comics, and Dream Wave Productions, as well as major literary publishing houses, but this new partnership opens a whole new door for both companies.

"Diversification is a great strategy in this business," says Josh Blaylock. "The world's becoming one big global neighborhood these days, and there is an abundance of great art and material out there that has been inaccessible to fans limited to one language. Sigongsa has a wide range of materials that Devil's Due Publishing is proud to bring to the table and expose fans to. We're really excited to be involved with a company who is an international success by diversifying what they offer their consumers. We hope that we can do the same and make Sigongsa proud of this relationship."

Devil's Due will focus on releasing primarily full color material from Sigongsa for the initial stages of this new partnership.

Details will be posted on DDP's website, www.devilsdue.net as titles are announced.

To find out more about STUDIO ICE and all they offer, visit www.studioice.com

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