DEVIL'S DUE PREVIEWS: "Demonwars" #1 and "How To Be A Comic Book Artist"

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DemonWars: The Demon Awakens #1 [of 3]

by: R.A. Salvatore, Andrew Dabb & Tim Seeley

A terrible evil is rising in the world of Corona, and it's up to a trio of unlikely heroes to stem the tide! Can Pony, her friend Elbryan and a young monk named Avelyn stop the demon and corrupted monastery that are causing the horror gripping their world?

How to be a Comic Book Artist (Not Just How To Draw)

by: Tim Seeley

Veteran DDP staff artist and "eternally on-time" penciler Tim Seeley explains to readers how to be a real comic artist with tips on how to get work done right and on-time! Also, suggestions for finding and keeping work, avoiding being pigeonholed as an artist, and how to work with editors.

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