Devil's Due Options R.A. Salvatore's Demonwars For Film/TV

Official Press Release

Chicago, IL – Continuing a string of film deals and license acquisitions, Devil's Due Publishing, Inc. President Josh Blaylock has optioned R.A.Salvatore's DemonWars novel series for development in Film, TV, and Merchandising. The announcement follows a recent agreement with Devil's Due to publish graphic novel adaptations of the popular fantasy books, as well as Salvatore's recently trumpeted partnership with Todd McFarlane and Curt Schilling in the formation of video game developer Green Monster Games.

Devil's Due recently inked deals for two of its titles, Hack/Slash and Lost Squad, with Universal Studios' Rogue Pictures, and the company publishes the graphic novel adaptations of Forgotten Realms, the hit Wizards of the Coast novel series where the author created some of the most popular characters in modern fantasy.

"We've been working closely with Salvatore for going on two years now, and it didn't take long for us to realize we both saw eye to eye about the potential for his projects beyond novels," says Blaylock. "DemonWars is a property with huge potential, allowing for both grounded stories or the most fantastical battle scenes modern film technology can create."

"This is exactly the type of expansion I had hoped for DemonWars from, the beginning," said Salvatore, who is no stranger to shared worlds ranging over various formats and media. "When I created the DemonWars setting, I envisioned it to include much more than novels alone. Devil's Due gets that, and it's exciting for me to see creative people sharing my vision."

ABOUT DEMONWARS: DemonWars takes place in the world of Corona, a realm of magic and fantasy, where organized religion controls society. With eight novels in publication and more on the horizon, it combines the wonder of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter with the mysterious undertones of the Da Vinci Code.

DemonWars novels are published by both DelRey and CDS Books, and can be found at bookstores nationwide, the first comic book adaptation is slated for an early '07 release.

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