Devil's Due Lays Off Staff, Restructures

CBR News has confirmed that Devil's Due Publishing, the home of Tim Seeley's "Hack/Slash" and Milo Ventimiglia's "Rest," among other titles, laid off two employees today: editor Cody DeMatteis and Marketing Manager Brian Warmoth.

Devil's Due Publishing President Joshua Blaylock told CBR News Monday afternoon that he believed DeMatteis and Warmoth were the only two employees let go, and that their layoffs were "absolutely no fault of their own."

"Right now, all I can really say is we're going to be going through a little bit of restructuring, and I'll be more than happy to talk further about it as soon as I can," Blaylock said.

Blaylock said Devil's Due Publishing runs a very "lean and mean" company, but that the ongoing American economic crisis was "definitely a factor" in the layoffs and restructuring. Blaylock reiterated that he would speak further as soon as he can.

Historically, Devil's Due is perhaps best known as the publisher of a number of G.I. Joe comics, a license they lost to IDW Publishing earlier this year. Devil's Due also made news in October when it was rumored they had acquired independent publisher Archaia Studios Press. It turned out these rumors were false, that in fact Archaia was in negotiations with the Chicago-based creative services company Kunoichi, a company co-founded by Blaylock.

CBR will bring you news on further developments as it becomes available.

Update 12/2/08 9:00 AM Pacific - CBR News reported previously that Editor Mike O'Sullivan had also been let go. According to O'Sullvian, who noted he has been working as a freelancer for the company, this is not entirely the case and things are "still up in the air" at this moment.

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