Devil's Due Hits The Road on Free Comic Book Day

Official Press Release

Chicago, IL – Apr 20, 2005 -- Devil's Due Publishing (DDP) will be making the rounds on Free Comic Book Day to help promote the event, its comic books and a few retail locations in the process. The circuit signing will be on May 7, Free Comic Book Day, with a number of Devil's Due creators hitting 3 different Graham Crackers stores.

On the tour are Tim Seeley (Kore, G.I. JOE, Lovebunny & Mr. Hell, Forgotten Realms, Hack/Slash), Josh Blaylock (Kore, G.I. JOE, Misplaced, Penguin Brothers, Arashikage Showdown) and Mike Norton (Teen Titans Go!, Voltron, G.I. JOE: Frontline, Queen & Country). The three Graham Crackers stores are their Wheaton, IL, Chicago Loop and Lincoln Park locations in Chicago. For more information, visit http://grahamcrackers.com/ or call 312-629-1810 (Chicago Loop location).

"We love getting out and meeting the fans and working with the retailers," said Blaylock, President of DDP. "And there's no better way than by participating in Free Comic Book Day. So if you're in the Chicago area, come on down and we'll have some fun."

DDP's free comic book will feature peeks at a variety of titles and worlds. Sure to be featured is G.I. JOE; licensed from Hasbro, G.I. JOE is Devil's Due's first runaway hit. Also featured will be the newly launched Aftermath line of books (a new imprint featuring super-powered heroes in titles like Defex, Breakdown, Blade of Kumori and Infantry).

FCBD is set for May 7, 2005, and is the one day a year when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their stores. FCBD has brought more than 6 million comic books to over one million people since its inception in 2002. For more info on FCBD, go to http://www.freecomicbookday.com/

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