Devil's Due Hires IP Development Manager Stephen Christy

Official Press Release

Chicago, IL. (Sept. 24, 2007) – Devil's Due Publishing is pleased to announce the addition of Stephen Christy as the company's Manager of Intellectual Property Development and head of Devil's Due's Los Angeles office. As manager of IP development, Christy will oversee the development and adaptations of Devil's Due's original properties for film, television, and video games.

"Devil's Due has had a lot of success in turning our books into viable film and television properties," said Josh Blaylock, president of DDP. "For a while we've been looking to open a satellite office in Los Angeles in order to fully be able to exploit these opportunities, and Steve is the perfect person to spearhead this expansion. It's a huge benefit for us to have someone with one leg in the comic book industry and one leg in the film and TV industry helping to bring our comics from page to screen."

"I've known everyone in the Devil's Due family for years, and I'm honored to finally have the chance to come on as an official member of the team," said Christy. "This past year the success of 300 has proved beyond a doubt to Hollywood what an incredible idea factory the comic book industry is. I'm excited to be in the position to recruit new partners in the entertainment industry to help build Devil's Due's already impressive film and television slate."

Christy graduated from Emerson College with a degree in TV/video production. After interning during college at Devil's Due, Marvel, and DC Comics, Christy moved to LA where he helped to produce a number of reality television shows including America's Next Top Model, The Real World, and The Shot among others. Part of Christy's role will be forging new partnerships and producing I.P.s and Graphic Novels in tandem with film, television, and video game companies, while also nurturing DDP's homegrown properties.

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