Devil's Due Drafts MySpace for Exclusive "Drafted" Premiere

Devil's Due Publishing premiered its latest ongoing series "Drafted" on MySpace Comic Books this week with the first chapter of an original tie-in story to be serialized for free and exclusively on the social networking site. Written by Mark Powers with art by Chris Lee, "Drafted" sees Earth caught up in a cosmic battle not of its own making, with humanity recruited into an alien coalition to defeat a malevolent threat from beyond the stars. The original MySpace strip tells the story of seven people caught up in the conflict, which has left the planet Earth with no borders, no nations, and no leaders. The second chapter of the MySpace content will be posted next week, and a 99 cents preview of "Drafted" is on sale in comic stores now.

The MySpace Comic Books' premiere of DDP's "Drafted" follows last week's exclusive advance preview of Marvel Comics' "Annihilation: Conquest Prologue" and the site's recent presentation of "Countdown," which featured the entire first two issues of the DC Comics series previewed for free on the social networking site.

MySpace Comic Books also spotlighted this week video from the MySpace Mystery Panel at New York Comic Con, which saw creators Jim Lee, Garth Ennis and Steve Niles participate in an intimate and free-for-all discussion with fans. Also featured this week on MySpace Comic Books is wrtier Antony Johnston, whose post-apocalyptic Oni Press epic "Wasteland" is nominated for the Harvey Award for Best New Series.

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