Devil's Due Brings "Sheena" back to the Comics Jungle

Official Press Release

Chicago, IL – December 5, 2006– They thought her a legend, a myth. The wild woman lithe as a jaguar, beautiful, with sun streaked hair, clad in only the tattered skins of her jungle-dwelling victims. But some legends are true, and some myths are… understatements.

In 1937, comics forefathers Will Eisner and Jerry Iger created Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, the very first female comic book heroine to be featured in her own title, predating even Wonder Woman by years. In a agreement arranged by William Morris Agency, Devil's Due Publishing, Inc. (DDP) returns Sheena to the world of comic books, under the creative direction of Hollywood filmmakers Paul Aratow (The Spirit, Sheena) and Steven E. de Souza (Die Hard, The Flintstones).

Featuring the writing of Robert Rodi (Wonder Woman, Elektra) with de Souza and Aratow, and pencils by Steven Cummings (Elektra, New Excalibur), as well as two covers by Tim Seeley (Forgotten Realms, G.I. Joe) featuring one full color image and a sketch cover. The 99¢ SHEENA PREVIEW SPECIAL, a twenty-four-page color comic book hitting shelves in March, revitalizes and re-imagines the ageless jungle icon for the machinations of the modern world. The 99¢ SHEENA PREVIEW SPECIAL will be followed by a limited series bowing in June.

"This is one of the coolest things we've ever worked on," says Josh Blaylock, president of Devil's Due. "Sheena is an icon, and de Souza and Aratow's re-envisioning is so well thought out, it's going to blow people away."

"Josh has pulled together the perfect team to restore this Golden Age heroine to her proper place in the comic pantheon." says de Souza. "I'm delighted to be part of the Sheena expedition."

"After many years of slashing through the Hollywood Jungle," says Paul Aratow. "Sheena is finally ready to assume her queenly throne with the help of the brilliant team at Devils Due."


Thought lost in a plane crash, the girl that would be known as Sheena, the powerful and beautiful Queen of the Jungle, defied logic and not only survived but thrived in the wilds of South America. Now an adult, Sheena is discovered and brought back to civilization… where the war for supremacy of the urban jungle truly begins! Sheena is back, and ready for the 21st century!

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