Devil's Due Becomes Xombiefied

Official Press Release

Chicago, IL – What if a zombie had a mind of its own? Where would it go? What would it feel? Trapped in a body turning slowly to dust, would it feel anything at all? Looking to answer these questions, Devil's Due Publishing has signed an agreement with Xombie, Inc. to bring XOMBIE, the popular online flash cartoon, to comic books.

XOMBIE, a downloadable web series created by James Farr, boasting more than 13 million downloads, tells the story of a variant zombie (called "Xombies", capable of thinking and feeling) named Dirge; Dirge discovers a young human girl named Zoe who suffers from amnesia, and, as his last good act before becoming dust on the floor of this ruined, zombie-filled world, begins a dangerous journey to return Zoe to the safety of her loved ones. Along the way, Dirge and friends must survive the assaults of zombies of all shapes and sizes.

"Devil's Due has been on the lookout for new, unique properties that not only appeal to the comic collector crowd, but fans outside of the medium as well," says Devil's Due President Josh Blaylock. "With XOMBIE we have found the perfect mix of comics, animation, horror, and sci-fi with a huge built in fan-base!"

"It's about time we 'livened up' the zombie genre and started rooting for the dead guys instead," says XOMBIE creator James Farr. "And who better to bring the first zombie hero to 'life' than Devil's Due, who make up the majority of my comic collection these days!"

Re-imagined for the world of comic books, look for more information about a forthcoming XOMBIE limited series soon!

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