Devil's Due Announces Talent Search Winners

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Chicago, IL – Following a cacophony of recent announcements, such as Hollywood bound Hack/Slash, Sheena's return from the jungles of obscurity to the world of comic books, and R.A. Salvatore's DemonWars hitting comic book shelves, Devil's Due Publishing announces the winners of its 2006 "Get Drafted" Talent Search!

Devil's Due initiated the 2006 Talent Search in order to uncover the perfect illustrators for upcoming DDP properties DRAFTED and MERCY SPARX. After viewing hundreds of submissions, DDP found the artists it was looking for.

MERCY SPARX found Malaysian penciller, Alan Quah Kai Ming, whose nightmarish style and quirky character designs will bring out both the beauty and strangeness of Mercy's character. Ming and Josh Blaylock, the series writer, are currently putting the finishing touches on the characters and early scripts before moving on to illustrating the series itself. "Alan's unique sense of the twisted, his oddball ideas for architecture and panel composition…that's what caught my eye," says Blaylock. "He has tremendous potential!"

ABOUT MERCY SPARX: Blaylock's own creation, tells the tale of a devil girl stuck between Heaven and Hell. After being denied entrance into paradise, Mercy is contracted by Heaven to hunt down three rogue angels who are giving the rest a bad name. Succeeding in their capture might just be Mercy's key to the Pearly Gates.

VIEW CONCEPT AND PREVIEW ART HERE: http://devilsdue.net/promo/talentsearchconpts/MercySparx/

DRAFTED's new artist came from a little closer to home. Chris Lie, a long time Devil's Due collaborator, was chosen from the many applicants. Blaylock says he was surprised to find Lie's work among the submissions. "We have worked with Lie on a variety of projects ranging from G.I. Joe to Eberron, but DRAFTED was not a book we immediately thought of him for. Still, seeing what Chris has done thus far on DRAFTED, he is the perfect choice." Lie will work with the writing team of Mark Powers (Aftermath, X-men, G.I.Joe) and Blaylock on the series.

ABOUT DRAFTED: When a benevolent alien race arrives on Earth, informing the people of the world that they must be recruited into an intergalactic war or be destroyed by invaders, will humanity rise to the challenge? DRAFTED, created by Mark Powers (Aftermath, X-menG.I.Joe) and Josh Blaylock, follows a young man named Gabriel Contreras as the entire world changes around him, and he is led down the path of heroism and sacrifice. Will Earth survive the war to come?

VIEW CONCEPT AND PREVIEW ART HERE: http://devilsdue.net/promo/talentsearchconpts/Drafted/

Devil's Due is currently seeking colorists for each project, and will reveal more art as the books progress. Color submissions can be emailed to talentsearch@devilsdue.net.

Stay tuned for further information about DRAFTED and MERCY SPARX both due out in mid – late 2007!

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