Devil's Due Announces Expansion of Creative Services Dept.

Official Press Release

Chicago, IL -- Feb 7, 2005 -- Devil's Due Publishing (DDP) is pleased to announce the expansion of one of its departments, Devil's Due Creative. DDC makes available to any company, both inside and outside the industry, their stable of freelance artists and writers in developing creative projects for them. Whether it's for promotional comic books, toy design, video games, collectible card games or package designs, DDC is there to help.

DDC has already worked with a variety of clients, helping promote both the companies and their products. Devil's Due Creative Service's growing list of satisfied clients includes Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, DC Comics, Warner Bros., Upper Deck, Sony Online Entertainment, Proctor & Gamble, Barefoot Advertising and Quest Communications.

Managed by Aaron Hübrich, Creative Manager -- with DDP President Josh Blaylock assisting behind the scenes -- DDC is a business opportunity spun out of DDP's success as a publisher. Hübrich said, "It's great to see the variety of projects our talented artists and writers have been involved with over the past year. We're having fun and I think it shows in products we've helped produce. We look forward to even more opportunities by expanding our relationship with clients who can use our talent."

Besides in-house talent, DDC offers a proven network of top freelancers, ranging from traditional illustrators, storyboard artists, painters, digital colorists, background artists and writers.

To learn more, check out http://www.devilsduecreative.com or email ahubrich@devilsdue.net

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