Devil's Due acquires 'Voltron' license

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World Events Productions today announced that Devil's Due Publishing, Inc has licensed the comic book rights based on the original animated series Voltron: Defender of the Universe, one of pop culture's most popular classic television programs.

Devil's Due Publishing based in Chicago, Illinois has a three-year, exclusive merchandising license to create and publish the new Voltron comic book. World Events Productions will also be in discussions with entertainment companies to produce an interactive Voltron television series. The series will be encoded with VEIL Interactive Technologies allowing specially designed toys to interact with the broadcast. Thetoys will be triggered by VEIL to flash lights, sound off and receive secret messages. There will be significant tie-in merchandising opportunities.

"Given the recent success of retro titles and the global potential of the Voltron property, the competition for Voltron was intense. Devil's Due Publishing was the best choice for the Voltron comic book license based on the quality of their graphics, knowledge of Voltron, and imaginative ideas about new character development," said Edward J. (Ted) Koplar, President of World Events Productions. "With the success ofSpider-Man, Scooby Doo and other retro and nostalgia films, fan interest in Voltron programming has been re-ignited. Tremendous activity on the Voltron website has made it clear to us that interest in the series has never diminished. For that matter, it's stronger than ever, and when the interactive television series is developed it will be uniquely cutting-edge in the outstanding tradition of Voltron," he added.

Joshua Blaylock, president and creative director of Devil's DuePublishing said, "The fact that World Events chose us over so many other companies, some much larger, gives me a great feeling that they care about the long term vision of Voltron as much as we do, and I'm thrilled to be involved in another of my favorite childhood properties. We pioneered the 80's revival with comic book series like G.I.Joe and Micronauts (thanks to publisher, IMAGE Comics), and now we've acquiredwhat I feel is the last major player of the 80's. I'm very excited about Voltron's potential and the widely untapped possibilities for new stories."

Voltron has become an international icon that continues to capture the hearts of fans, young and old, all over the globe. Continuing to enjoy immense popularity today, this 1980's mega-hit consistently delivers strong ratings in its time period in Spain, Canada, Italy and Australia. This highly anticipated comic book title is guaranteed to be a successfor retailers with available merchandise such as DVD's from Trimark Home Video, toys from Trendmasters, posters andclothing. Voltron: Defender of the Universe and its sequel Voltron: The Third Dimension, have grossed millions in worldwide licensing.

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