Devilman: The 10 Most Horrifying Enemies, Ranked

Created by the Japanese media pioneer Go Nagai, Devilman is one of the most influential anime and manga series of all time. At the time of its release, Devilman was cut apart from the rest of the manga on the shelves at the time due to the series' heavy violence and controversial themes. Even with protests from Japanese groups such as the PTA, Devilman was an instant hit and its popularity has continued even to present day with over 50 million copies of the manga being sold as of 2017 and a very popular new anime being recently released by Netflix.

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Once the greatest hero of demons, Amon, merges with the pure-hearted human, Akira Fudo, Devilman is born. Akira's pure heart overpowers Amon's demonic influence and he as Devilman sets out to protect humanity from the horrific demons that wish to end them. These enemies of humanity take many forms with each being more fearsome than the last and this list has 10 that makes the scariest enemies in Berserk look like kids' toys. However, demons aren't the only enemy in the world of Devilman.


Caliorruar is an immense reptilian demon with seven heads. During the war between Satan's demon army and the Devilman army, Caliorruar acted as Satan's warhorse. He sports golden scales, clawed fingers, and an amazingly long tail that aids him in combat. His strength, power of flight, and monstrous size make him more than a formidable foe, but the fact that he's simply number 10 on this list is a testament to how frightening more of the enemies in this universe can be. Just wait until you take a look at the rest.

9 9: EADER

Eader is a demon much smaller in size from our previous entry but just as fearsome. He's a single-horned creature covered in fur with eyes on his chest that can easily tear a human to shreds with his bare hands. In his first appearance, he's seen feasting on a woman after ripping her apart and leaving her remains along a road. He witnesses a car wreck from two truckers who come across the remains and reacts with a sadistic grin.

Eader loves killing humans, almost as much as he does eating them. He is killed by the subconscious of Satan.


In the spinoff Amon: Darkside of Devilman, Cadney makes his appearance as a major antagonist. His psychopathic mind leads him to believe that he is the only true Devilman and he would stop at nothing to end Akira Fudo's reign as the leader of the Devilmen.

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He is a sociopathic psychic with the power of flight and high physical endurance. He loves inflicting pain and ironically enough his Devilman form very much resembles the enemy of the Devilman army, Satan.

7 7: Jinmen

One of the Devilman series's most iconic villains, appearing in just about every Devilman reboot since his original appearance. Jinmen is a demon that very closely resembles a muscular snapping turtle. This demon starts with a usual turtle shell and changes when he absorbs another lifeform, adding their faces to each piece of his pattern while feeding off of their suffering.

Jinmen, unlike other demons doesn't enjoy simply killing his victims but would much rather add them to his collection of tortured souls. He uses the faces and voices of these tormented souls to attack foes with connections to them. Although when he tried this on Devilman he caught a fist through the shell, landing him right back in hell.

6 6: GENBU

A demon that takes much inspiration from Jinmen but with a much different origin. Genbu starts as a demon that resembles two snake heads that take shelter in the skull of a monk that sealed him away back when he was a part of the demon called Damundo. He soon returns to popular form and evolves to a turtlelike appearance along with trademark Jinmen shell. Unlike Jinmen, Genbu rocks two snakelike heads and has bodies protruding from his shell. His attitude is much like Jinmen's with him reveling in the torture of humans rather than their deaths but Genbu takes it to the next level by leaving them alive once they are added to his collections only to slowly rot and decompose.

5 5: AMON

The hero of demons, yet still a threat to Akira Fudo and the rest of humanity. Amon's power has been given to Akira Fudo but he is still not on his side (until Devilman Saga that is). He is originally a human usually seen in black armor featuring a helmet with Devilman-like wings. Once Satan fuses the humans with demons he grows to the familiar Devilman form fans are much more used to seeing.

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Amon is one of the mightiest demons with more powers than the average hell walker. Super strength, flight, fast healing factor, possession, shapeshifting, extrasensory perception allowing him to sense enemies and their power levels, fire breath, ability to breath underwater, and psionic blasts. While he isn't good, nor evil he has attempted to take control back from Akira —as he hates Satan for fusing the two together— on occasion in many pieces of Devilman media to little avail. While a dangerous feat, you gotta admit he is one of the cooler demons you'd want to possess you. That is if you can control his power.


One of the most powerful demons imaginable and one of Satan's right-hand men. Lord Zennon acted as the leader of the demons until Satan was reawakened from his amnesiac state of Ryu Asuka. He is as tall as a Japanese skyscraper, possesses giant wings instead of arms, and has four heads from the demons that fused to create him. He resembles an older Go Nagai creation, Demon Lord Dante.

Zennon has no feelings towards humanity and enjoys killing them, however, he has empathy towards demons as seen in his reaction to the demons lost to Devilman's army. He has a deep hatred for Devilman, seeing his master's love of him as a distraction.

3 3: Psycho Jenny

Psycho Jenny is Satan's other right-hand and another one of the most iconic characters in the series. Easily being one of the creepiest women in comics Jenny takes the form of an enlarged head with arms and legs, a wild mane of hair, and hypnotic eyes. She rarely speaks or shows emotion and her only motivation is her loyalty to Satan, going out of her way to restore his memories while he was still Ryo Asuka.

She has shown she has the ability to manipulate time, memories, fly, and has various other psychic abilities. With these powers, she solidifies herself as one of the most powerful and intelligent demons there is.

2 2: Satan

This list wouldn't be accurate without an appearance from Satan themself. They began as an Archangel that decided to side with demons in their war against God. They assume the identity of Ryo Asuka in a mission to find the weakness of humanity so they may wipe them out before returning to war with God.

Satan posses the abilities of flight, telekinesis, mind control, telepathy, and beams of damaging light that result in great destruction. These abilities come with the territory of being a "Child of God" and of course lead him to both win and lose the final battle against humanity.

1 1: God

While he is rarely seen, God is the true antagonist of the Devilman series and throughout the series takes many forms such as an elderly man in Demon Knight and a heavenly creature wearing gold armor in Devilman.

God creates the human race and indirectly demons. The demons disgusted God so he sought to wipe them out. After Satan joined the demon race in rebelling against God and created the Devilmen, god damned them, the demons, and the Devilmen all to hell. A place made for punishment of those who rebel against him. It has been stated that the events of Devilman are on infinite rewind as an act from God, in a variety of forms to punish Satan for his insolence, forcing him to relive the loss of his loved one infinitely. His powers are limitless.

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