Devil May Cry Series Joins Netflix's Castlevania in 'Bootleg Multiverse'

Devil May Cry

After weeks of rumors, executive producer Adi Shankar has announced he is developing an animated series based on Capcom's popular action-adventure video game franchise Devil May Cry for Netflix.

Shankar had purchased the television rights to the video game series from Capcom himself to ensure a greater degree of creative freedom rather than acquiring them through a production studio. As such, the producer teased that the upcoming animated series takes place in the same multiverse as his Castlevania animated series for Netflix. Shankar confirmed the project through a post on his Twitter account dressed up as the franchise's protagonist, the demon hunter Dante.

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"[I] acquired [Devil May Cry's] rights myself so the jabronis in Hollywood don’t fuck this one up too," explained Shankar in an interview with IGN. "[Devil May Cry] will join Castlevania in what we’re now calling the bootleg multiverse."

For weeks, there were rumors that Shankar was developing an animated adaptation to Nintendo's popular action-RPG franchise The Legend of Zelda. These rumors escalated after Shankar hinted at a massive video game-related announcement today. Today's announcement revealed that Shankar was working on a completely different video game adaptation with a different game studio instead while the producer thanked fans of Netflix's Castlevania for his continued success.

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"[Castlevania] really over-performed. It did crazy well. We immediately got greenlit for Season 3," revealed Shankar. "I wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for the fans."

Details on the Devil May Cry adaptation, including an anticipated release date and cast, are currently unannounced as is how being in the same multiverse as Castlevania will impact either series, if in any way at all.

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