Devil Due's "G.I. Joe: Reborn" sells out

Official Press Release

CHICAGO, IL -- G.I. Joe: Reborn has literally disappeared from store racks from coast

to coast. The latest offering from Devil's Due Publishing has

completely sold out at the distributor level.

Written by John Ney Rieber and penciled by Joe Bennett and Javier

Saltares, Devil's Due marketing knew that there was a lot of excitement

surrounding the books.

Still, DDP president Josh Blaylock was surprised by how quickly the

title vanished, despite its hefty size. "G.I.Joe Reborn was a nice

thick forty-eight page, $4.95 book, and we overprinted twenty percent.

Thanks to a lot of hard work from my team, and the killer creative

talent behind it, it's paid off in full. Thanks to everyone who picked

up the title!"

Blaylock added, "The Cobra Reborn and G.I.Joe one-shots set the stage

for the all new continuity that is G.I.JOE RELOADED, and this confirms

how well it's being received. I can't wait until people see what

Rieber and crew have planned next. What Cobra Commander is planning

will have MAJOR consequences for the entire world."

G.I. Joe: Reborn was the compliment to the story started in Cobra :

Reborn (by Spider-Man/Wolverine: Origin writer Paul Jenkins) and was

one of the first titles Devil's Due Publishing announced as an

independent publisher. The series is gaining notoriety for its

grounded, edgy portrayal of the mythos. There is a strong sense of fan

support and validation with this news, as the company evolves out of

its "eighties" niche, establishing a new G.I.Joe continuity for both

new and veteran fans.

Devil's Due wants retailers to know that the first issue of the

follow-up ongoing series, G.I.JOE RELOADED, is still in stock but

moving fast, and Cobra Reborn is still available thanks to a hefty overprint.

The "Classic" series G.I.JOE: A Real American Hero continues as well, and will

feature a back-up story by Aspen Studios (Fathom, Superman)

introducing a new villain to the mythos starting in June.

Visit www.devilsdue.net for more information about Devil's Due

Publishing, and the wide variety of entertaining comic books they offer.

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