Corrupticons: 15 Deviant Pieces Of Transformers Fan Art

Whether you grew up following the cartoon in the mid 1980s or enjoyed watching the big budget, modern version thanks to Hollywood director Michael Bay, the Transformers has something for everyone. It takes the excitement of fast cars and cool jets and combines them with the high-tech wonderment of robots. It was like owning two toys in one, and their popularity produced comic books, crossovers, and of course lots and lots of toys and collectables! So what happens when fans get a chance to show their love for the robots in disguise? That's when things really start to transform!

Fans decided to give some of their favorite characters an overhaul. What do you call Autobots that have been merged with characters from Star Wars? What if your favorite Decepticon was steampunked? Could the wonderment of the Transformers be darkened by the horror and warped visions of Stephen King? What if we tied up Optimus Prime? We've got Autobots and Decepticons, but move over and make way for The Corrupticons! That's what we call our 15 deviant pieces of Transformers fan art that is most definitely more than meets the eye!


Soundwave would transform into a robot from an old school tape cassette player. When he opened his chest casing, the tapes he were holding would transform into other Decepticons, making him not only a one man army but one pretty cool robot. Soundwave could launch the flying Laserbeak, the tremor-producing Rumble, and the stealthy Ravage, who looked like a robotic predator cat (to name a few).

Thanks to the awesome artwork of BrianKesinger, Soundwave is reimagined as a steampunk version of himself. Here he looks like a pianola, a self-playing piano that was invented way back around the turn of the century. You can see one playing during the opening credits of Westworld. Instead of a mini-cassette tape, Laserbeak is a flying music roll. How do you make Soundwave cooler than he already is? Give him a phonograph horn!


Hey, even robots need some love every once in a while! Sometimes we think of a robot to be cold and calculating, but the Autobots have shown time and time again how compassionate they are as fighters and protectors. If they can be angry and be sad then why can't they be sweet towards one another? We're not sure why a robot has to be male or female, and in early versions of the series female Transformers were considered rare.

Artist Pika imagines Optimus Prime with the Female Autobot Causeway, created by ElitaOneArts. Although Causeway is a fan creation, she certainly was real enough to steal Prime away from Elita One. Hopefully this is a legitimate relationship and Causeway is not some side chick that Optimus sees when he claims he's fighting Decepticons. Autobots, transform into some privacy, please!


When making Star Wars: The Force Awakens, J.J. Abrams was looking for a droid that would be as enjoyable and fun to watch as R2D2 and he found it in the form of BB-8. Basically a big rolling ball, BB-8 had enough charisma and charm to tag along with Finn and Rey on their space-faring adventures. BB-8 also made for a great remote-controlled toy for all ages. Is there any other way to make it even more awesome?

Artist Zyuna combines the rolling coolness of BB-8 and merges it with one of the most popular Autobots of all time: Bumblebee, due to get his own spinoff film in December of 2018. BB-8's white and orange colors are replaced with Bumblebee's iconic yellow with the big red Autobot symbol on his chest... although he's a constant rolling sphere so that insignia's rarely going to be in one place.



When it comes to mashups, this one piques our curiosity. If Bender from Futurama was a Transformer, he would most likely be a Decepticon, and artist spacecoyote agrees, as we can see in his amazing drawing. He's got the Bender scowl down and he's chomping on a cigar, but based on his chest and the wheels on his arms, it looks like he would transform into a... car? Wouldn't that make him an Autobot?

Granted not all Decepticons are planes and not all Autobots are cars. The Stunticons were Decepticon cars that could join together to form the super-Decepticon Menasor. Sky Lynx and Jetfire were Autobots that were actually airplanes. So perhaps Bender started out as an Autobot and then became a Decepticon? Considering he's got Megatron's coloring and signature helmet, maybe he took on a leadership role? Bendatron has a nice ring to it!


Some of the best Transformers art can either show the Autobots or Decepticons in crazy situations, or deconstructs just what exactly a robot can transform into. However, this artwork by MoonRayCZ combines the Autobots with My Little Pony without having to transform the little horses into robotic versions of themselves.

The styles and colors of My Little Pony and Transformers are impressively blended together. You might be tempted to call them My Little Transformers, but did you know that already exists as a YouTube channel created back in 2006? It's a wonderful mashup of stop motion animation using actual My Little Pony and Transformers toys combined with sound bytes from the actual shows. You have to see it to believe, but it's still fun to watch over 10 years later!


Megatron was the leader of the Decepticons and ruled with an iron fist. He had to contend with Starscream's constant plotting to usurp his command while coming up with new and exciting ways to destroy the Autobots and all of humanity. Megatron was known for being cruel and menacing, but was he ever known for his oozing sexuality? How about the seductive glances that he would give the enemy?

Artist oo0shed0oo gives us a hawt side to Megatron that we haven't seen... ever. Here, Megatron seems to be examining the enemy from afar with his binoculars but has taken a moment to give us a sly smirk. We also learn that Megatron likes to wear bikini briefs, as he has his finger hooked against the side while smiling at us. Take that attitude and put it wherever you got that giant crushed velvet pillow, Megatron!


Just what makes Bumblebee so darn popular? He doesn't have the might of Optimus Prime, the savagery of Grimlock, or the groovy style of Blaster, but fans always will mention the little yellow Volkswagon as one of their favorite Autobots of all time. Perhaps that's why he's so great: he has to be twice as scrappy because everyone else around him is twice as big. Although he would eventually get an upgrade and be called Goldbug, there's always a spot in our hearts for Bumblebee.

Artist iq40 taps into the joy of Bumblee but not the literalness of it, giving us Bumblee as if he were an anime character. The color, the design of the boots, and the fiery red hair give us the impression that she's jumping into action and is going to see her mission through to the very end!


Megatron was the leader of the Decepticons but always had to watch his back around Starscream. In Transformers: The Movie, Starscream finally had his day. After a devastating battle between Megatron and Optimus Prime, Starscream throws Megatron out of Astrotrain along with several other injured Decepticons. Starscream finally becomes leader of the Decepticons for a brief period of time, but is soon terminated by Galvatron.

Artist applejack gives us a cat with a Decepticon collar as well as folded up wings on their back, which leads us to believe that this is a feline version of Starscream. This makes pretty good sense; similar to Starscream, a cat can be friendly and supportive at times, but when you least expect, it can strike at you with blinding speed and rage. Yeah, that certainly sounds like Starscream, but does it sound like your pet? If so, watch out!


The Autobots wage a desperate war against the Deceptions, and it's always nice to see when they have moments to themselves to relax. Thanks to GoddessMechanic we see a number of Autobots, including Optimus Prime and Hot Rod hanging out at the beach. And although they clearly look like they're having a good time, there are some somewhat serious questions we have to ask.

Wouldn't it be bad for robots to hang out at the beach? Isn't there enough sand to get on their insides and ruin how they operate? What about the salt water that it looks like Bumblebee is about to go into? Wouldn't that be bad for him? Either way, we'd rather see images like this than our favorite Autobots being trounced in a fight with Deceptions!


The Deadpool sequel release date was moved earlier to May 18, 2018, so fans have less wait time to see their favorite Merc With a Mouth on the screen again. Thanks to the acquisition of Fox by Marvel, Deadpool is back with all of the other Marvel properties, so only time will tell how different future versions of Wade Wilson will be. Hopefully he'll continue to dispense R-rated comedy and be violent as hell while breaking the fourth wall.

Artist PsychosisEvermore provides us with a great mashup of Deadpool with the Deception symbol. Although it's not known how the Decepticon insignia originated, at first glance it does look like a modified outline of the head of Soundwave, just as the Autobot symbol bears somewhat of a resemblance to Prowl. For those that follow the Transformers, you know there are insignias for the Junkions, The Cybertron Guard, and more!


Fans of Stephen King love him for his ability to write amazing horror stories. He even wrote additional material under the name Ricahrd Bachman. Of all the stories that he's written over the decades, King has only directed one feature film. The 1986 film Maximum Overdrive, also written by King, starred Emilio Estevez and Yeardley Smith (voice of Lisa Simpson) and was a horror story about machines coming to life and trying to kill people.

Artist Hartter takes the scary premise of homicidal vehicles and applies it to the Autobots, turning Optimus Prime into one of the film's main antagonists: a truck with a Green Goblin-esque face on the front. The artwork is a great idea for a so-so movie; even Stephen King disliked what he made. However with music by AC/DC it might be worth another viewing.


Optimus Prime has had to get himself out of many dangerous situations in the past. He's overcome great odds to save his fellow Autobots, the planet Cybertron, even the Earth and everyone on it. He's even come back from the dead. Because of his good intentions and inspiring strength it often seems like there's nothing Optimus Prime can't do. So how come it looks like he can't untie himself?

Artist TheSpeed0fLight offers us a rather peculiar scenario. It appears that Optimus is somewhat hog-tied up not necessarily bound by metal chains but perhaps by cloth, possibly from a bed spread. This scenario evokes less Transformers and more 50 Shades of Grey and we hope he's able to untangle himself before he transforms back into a semi truck.


For nostalgia, watch the Transformers cartoon series from the 1980s. Also, if you watch teen films from that period, you're likely to see in a teenage boy's room a wall poster of Farrah Fawcett or Bo Derek. In the 1990s perhaps it was of Jennifer Aniston or Cindy Crawford. What about robots? Do you think they would have posters of scantily clad robots emerging from a pool?

Artist Grrriva plays with this concept, as Arcee is bathing in energon in a way that she knows someone is watching her. As illicit as her pose is, she is bathing in energon, not water. Isn't energon the power that is used to fuel the transformers? If so, then isn't it like she's bathing in blood? Can a robot be a vampire? Too many questions? Ah, the 1980s... they were much simpler times!


What power couples come to mind when you think of superheroes? Superman and Wonder Woman at one point were an item. What about Vision and Scarlet Witch? Apollo and Midnighter? Neo and Trinity? You want to see two people that are strong but when they're together possess a strength that exists from the wonders of their bonding. Do the same things apply for two robots?

Elita One and Optimus Prime might be the reigning power couple amongst machines. Their strength and affection is captured wonderfully by artust yhykurama that shows Elita One standing strong while holding the equally strong hand of Optimus Prime. As the saying goes, behind every strong woman robot stands a strong male robot that can transform itself into a red semi-truck.


In the 1984 Transformers cartoon, we see the Autobots and Decepticons crash land on Earth millions of years in the past. Eventually they are revived during the 1980s and in order to blend in they mirror the vehicles around them to blend in with the unsuspecting population of Earth. In this mashup by MostlyFunStuff, it appears that instead of the first thing they found was a car or a plane, they saw Chun-Li and decided to copy her!

Perhaps it's the opposite? Maybe somehow Chun-Li found herself on Cybertron where she bumped into a small but fanatic fan base of hers? Implausible? Yes. Hilarious? Also yes. We're impressed at how her robotic fans are still metallic and mechanical yet still evoke the colors and style of the Street Fighter characters. Why are they all crazy different sizes? And just one person wants her signature? Fans... so fickle!

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