Devastating Marvel Early 90s Time Paradox!

Someone mentioned the Thing's injuries from 1993 and it reminded me of one of the great continuity paradoxes.

You see, you first had March 1993's Fantastic Four #374, where Wolverine instinctively strikes at Thing with his adamantium claws, scarring the Thing badly (something I don't recall is did the Thing and Wolverine ever later address what Wolverine did to the Thing?).

A few months later, you had October 1993's X-Men #25, where Wolverine gets the adamanatium pulled out of his body.

So far so good, right?

Except early in X-Men #25, before the adamantium is pulled from Wolverine's body you get the following page (I threw in a little arrow to let you know where to look)...

I think that the preceding paradox might have been so powerful that it created the being known as Onslaught. THAT is how powerful continuity is!

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