DEUX EX, Part TROIS: An "Ex Machina #1" Preview With Exclusive Art

Blame it on the god in the machine.

As a special addition to CBR's spotlight on "Ex Machina," the new DCComics/Wildstorm series from writer Brian Vaughan and artist Tony Harris,CBR News is bringing you some exclusive pages from what promises to be oneof the big hits of the year. Thanks to Harris, you'll be seeing some colorpages from "Ex Machina #1" before anyone else, spotlighting the first timethat his Jolly Rogers studio has collaborated on all the visual aspects ofan ongoing series. Check out the pages and don't miss CBR's interview withVaughan and Harris, in which they shared this information:

"Set in our modern-day real world, 'Ex Machina' tells the story of civilengineer and lifelong comics fan Mitchell Hundred, who becomes America'sfirst living, breathing superhero after a strange accident gives him thoseproverbial 'amazing powers,'" explained Vaughan. "Eventually tiring ofrisking his life merely to help maintain the status quo, Mitchell retiresfrom masked crimefighting and runs for Mayor of New York City, winning by alandslide. And that's just the first few pages of Issue #1."

You can also bet that the art by Harris is going to shine. "I haven't loveda project this much, or had as much invested in it, since 'Starman.' And Iknow it shows on every page."

Click the images below to enlarge.

CBR ExclusivePage 26

CBR Exclusive

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