Detectives, Inc. movie bows at San Diego Con

Official Press Release

Don McGregor, the provocative creator of Detectives, Inc., Sabre, and Lady Rawhide, writer of Jungle Action (Black Panther) Amazing Adventures (Killraven) and Zorro and driving force early in the battle for creator rights, is pleased to announce the long-awaited debut of DETECTIVES, INC. ­ THE MOVIE Friday, July 20, 4:30 PM, at this year's Comic-Con International: San Diego at San Diego Convention Center, 111 Harbor Drive in San Diego, California.

McGregor wrote and directed this independently produced, long anticipated feature based on the critically hailed comics series. The film stars Alex Simmons, Richard Douglass and Marsha McGregor as the lead trio of characters readers have loved from the graphic novel, DETECTIVES INC. - A TERROR OF DYING DREAMS. The graphic novel was actually adapted from the screenplay.

"I showed 21 minutes of the film at last year's annual James Bond Weekend festivities headed by Matt Sherman, and the audience responded enthusiastically. There were gasps at shots I had thought would provoke gasps. It was great," McGregor said. "The vocal concern to what happens to our intrepid trio of Denning, Rainier and Deirdre, convinced me I should go forward. So, with the invaluable help of Paul Scrabo, I was able to finish the film I'd begun long ago."

Private investigators Bob Rainier and Ted Denning are hired by social worker Deirdre Sevens to look into a case of domestic violence that takes them from the suburban communities of Flushing Meadows, Queens to the Coney Island Brighton Beach boardwalks. Relationships are formed, broken, stripped away, re-evaluated, and some are ended by murder!

Time for discussion of the film has been scheduled after the showing. For further information, consult the convention program or e-mail don@donmcgregor.com.

Date: Friday, July 20, 2001

Time: 4:30 PM

Location: Comic-Con International: San Diego

No separate admission is required beyond admission to the convention.

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