Detective Pikachu Cards Offer Detailed Looks at Fan-Favorite Pokemon

One of the most popular merchandising elements within the Pokemon franchise is its trading card game and new tie-in cards from Detective Pikachu offer fans the best look yet at several of the Pokemon appearing in the live-action film.

The Pokemon Company has released first looks at several tie-in cards from the upcoming film, with new images straight from the movie, providing clear looks at several fan-favorites including the title character, Bulbasaur, Mr. Mime and Ludicolo.

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In addition to the detailed images of each Pokemon, the card for Mewtwo reveals that the version of the powerful, psychic Pokemon appearing in the film will be Mewtwo-GX. GX Pokemon are a powerful variant of Pokemon that debuted in Pokemon Sun and Moon with more health and enhanced attacks.

While it is still unclear exactly what role Mewtwo will play in the final film, the GX variant suggests it will be a force to be reckoned with. The tie-in Detective Pikachu cards will go on sale on April 5.

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Directed by Rob Letterman, Detective Pikachu stars Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, Ken Watanabe and the voice of Ryan Reynolds. The film opens in theaters on May 10.

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