Detective Comics Brings a Gotham Villain Into DC Continuity

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Detective Comics #988, by James Robinson, Stephen Segovia, Ivan Plascencia and Rob Leigh, on sale now.

Over the years, a number of characters that we now consider classic parts of Batman lore have been introduced outside of the comic book source material. For example, both Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya fist appeared in Batman: The Animated Series before being brought into the comics, and Terry McGinnis was the main protagonist of the spinoff series Batman Beyond before being folded into the DC Universe.

Now, yet another character originally created for television has made the jump to the comics, this time in the pages of Detective Comics #988.

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In this issue, we follow the World’s Greatest Detective as he investigates the murder of a man named Harold Frank, who was shot twice in what appeared to be a mugging. However, while searching the victim’s apartment for clues, Batman receives a surprise visit from Firefly, who promptly sets everything in the vicinity ablaze.

As Batman (and the reader) can see by the silhouette, though, this isn’t Garfield Lynns or Ted Carson (the two men who’ve held the mantle of Firefly).

’Lady’ Firefly?” Batman says upon realizing his flame-throwing foe is a female.

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While attempting to subdue this new Firefly, Batman receives a message from Alfred informing him that the most recent incarnation of Firefly, Ted Carson, was grooming a protégé.

Her name? Bridgit Pike.

For fans of Fox’s Batman prequel series Gotham, this name will surely ring a bell, as Bridgit Pike was the young orphan who befriended Selina Kyle and became a smalltime crook. Eventually, Bridgit armed herself with a flamethrower and donned a fireproof suit, which she used to become a murderous vigilante after killing her abusive brothers. However, after a near-fatal injury and a stint with Professor Hugo Strange, Bridgit completed her evolution into the villainous Gotham version of Firefly.

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So, now that Bridgit Pike has made her DC Comics debut, is it possible she’ll stick around and succeed Ted Carson as the DCU’s primary version of Firefly? Or, was this simply a fun Easter egg for fans of the soon-to-be-concluded TV series? Whatever the case may be, Firefly looks to be the least of the Dark Knight’s concerns, as he’ll likely have his hands full with Kobra Cult before long.

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