Detective Comics Needs to Reintroduce Black Lightning's Children to the DCU

This June, Detective Comics is getting a shakeup. When James Tynion IV leaves at the end of the current "Batmen Eternal" arc, the creative team will have a href="https://www.cbr.com/bryan-hill-detective-comics-batman-black-lightning/"Bryan Hill taking over writing duties and Miguel Mendonca doing the art, and their inaugural arc will have the Dark Knight come face to face with Black Lightning.

With the Gotham Knights seemingly separated after Batwoman's murder of Clayface, Batman brings Black Lightning on to get involved in the lives of his young partners such as the Signal and Orphan. No other details have been given on the arc itself, though it does sound like the real problem won't be what Jefferson Pierce does, but what he says to Batman's young charges.

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Black Lightning and Batman have a storied history together as members of the superhero team known as the Outsiders. Though the prelude to Dark Nights: Metal alludes to their stint as teammates, this will be the first time in Rebirth history that we've seen the two of them working together. Judging by the arc's title, it appears that this arc will bring the Outsiders back into the DC Universe in some capacity, and that's all well and good. But this is also a great opportunity to bring back Jefferson Pierce's daughters, Anissa and Jennifer, aka fellow superheroes Thunder and Lightning.

The most obvious reason for this would be that by the time this arc begins in June and stretches out into early August, the CW's Black Lightning series will have wrapped up its debut season. While not all of them have fully embraced their superhero personas on the show -- Anissa is definitely going to go full Thunder soon, and Jen can't be that far behind -- the three of them are now aware that they share superpowers. One of the things fans love about the show is that it's taking the right amount of time to build up Anissa and Jen's eventual turns as heroes and showing their vastly different approaches to coming into their newfound abilities.

After a brief appearance in the New 52's Teen Titans series, the two heroes basically vanished off the face of the Earth. The last time the two of them were really acknowledged by DC before their live-action debut was in a pair of well-received animated shorts, so their return to comics would be both welcome and incredibly smart. Given how Marvel has gotten so many to fall in love with Black Panther's Nakia, the Dora Milaje and Shuri, it would behoove DC to follow suit now that audiences have grown to love Nafessa Williams and China Anne McClain's performances as the two daughters on television.

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