Batman Just Teamed With One of His Rogues to Fight a Common Enemy

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Detective Comics #1015 by Peter J. Tomasi, Doug Mahnke, José Luís, Keith Champagne, Christian Alamy, Mark Irwin, Matt Santorelli, David Baron and Rob Leigh, on sale now.

Thanks to some help from a powered-up Lex Luthor, longtime Batman villain Mr. Freeze was given something he’s never had throughout his entire criminal career: the means to cure his wife. Victor Fries is different than your usual Batman villain because his criminal activities aren’t done for chaos or personal gain. No, his goal has always been to find a cure for his ailing wife, after which he would finally be able to thaw her, resume their relationship and put the Mr. Freeze gun down for good.

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Now, thanks to Luthor, Fries is closer than ever before to achieving his goal. His wife is awake and she is cured. Now, she is like him, with ice-cold blue skin, armor and red goggles. The so-called Mrs. Freeze now stands by her husband’s side as the couple begins to wreak havoc on Gotham City so they may set themselves up financially.

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However, in Detective Comics #1015, everything goes wrong for Mr. Freeze. Before he can have his happily ever after, a dangerous Mrs. Freeze leaves him behind to become a solo act. Now, with no other option, Freeze turns to the only person who can help: the Dark Knight.

As Mr. and Mrs. Freeze terrorize Gotham, Batman is busy trying to save the lives of their frozen victims. However, despite all of his, Lucius and Alfred’s hard work, they simply can’t find a way to save the lives of everyone currently frozen. Thankfully, an answer finally arrives when Fries himself turns on the bat-signal and contacts Batman.

Unfortunately for him, the serum provided by Lex Luthor wasn’t exactly stable. As a result, Nora is growing exceedingly violent, irrational and dangerous. He points out that his wife has come to enjoy the violence of their crimes. And while he wishes nothing more than to retire with the funds they have now secured, Nora has plans of her own. It turns out she has no interest in simply being one half of their criminal duo. Instead, she leaves her husband behind and hatches her own scheme to destroy Gotham City.

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With Nora now a danger to herself and others, Freeze strikes a bargain with Batman: in exchange for Batman’s help in finding Nora, he will give him the means to cure and save all of his recent victims. Now, Batman and Mr. Freeze form an unlikely alliance whose sole purpose is to take out Mrs. Freeze, the newest member of Batman’s rogues gallery.

As Detective Comics #1015 comes to an end, Freeze and Batman stand side-by-side, the Dark Knight once again sporting his Mr. Freeze-buster suit. Armed with both fire and ice, this new team is now ready to take on Mrs. Freeze.

Detective Comics #1016 goes on sale Nov. 27.

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