Jim Lee's Detective Comics Variants Pit Batman Against Joker, Harley Quinn

Detective Comics #1000

Fans of Batman were treated to some new artwork today, as Jim Lee -- artist, Co-Publisher and Chief Creative Officer at DC -- released images of two of the four variant covers he created for the release of the upcoming Detective Comics #1000.

The first image features Batman grabbing the Joker by the shirt, and is done in what Lee refers to in the tweet as a “classic” style.

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“Pencils to 1 of 4 variant covers I did for the release of DETECTIVE 1000," Lee tweeted. "This one was meant to evoke the early 50s Dick Sprang version of Batmam with beefier proportions and a classic, dare I say more playful, take on the Joker."

The second image shows the artwork at two stages of completion and has Batman fighting Harley Quinn.

“This Batman has more of a bulky physique and Harley has a more bouncy, playful (yet deadly) attitude!” the tweet reads.

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DC is putting out a significant number of variant covers from various high-profile artists for the upcoming issue, including Bill Sienkiewicz, Steve Rude, Michael Cho, Jim Steranko, Bernie Wrightson, Frank Miller, Nicola Scott, Tim Sale, Jock, Greg Capullo, Alex Ross and Bruce Timm.

Detective Comics #1000 is set to hit comic shops on March 27.

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