Batman Gets Beaten - By the Freeze-Mobile!?

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Detective Comics #1013 by Peter J. Tomasi, Doug Mahnke, Keith Champagne, Christian Alamy, David Baron and Rob Leigh, on sale now.

In Detective Comics, Batman is currently on the hunt for Mr. Freeze. The supervillain, who continues his efforts to cure his cryogenically frozen wife, recently got more ambitious than ever before thanks to Lex Luthor. As part of the Year of the Villain event, Luthor has used all of his wealth and resources to offer almost all of DC's villains the means to get all they’ve ever wanted. Now, Mr. Freeze is closer than ever before to curing his wife — but before he does so, he’s been running some tests on several unwilling test subjects.

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These women, who were chosen because of their genetic resemblance to Nora Fries, were sporadically kidnapped throughout Gotham City — and the World’s Greatest Detective eventually took notice. Now, after interrogating a few goons, Batman knows Freeze is behind the kidnappings, and he knows exactly where to find him.

In Detective Comics #1013, Batman takes the fight to Mr. Freeze with a brand new, fire-powered suit. But Freeze is just as equally prepared with a small army of ice zombies. The ever-resourceful Batman has often used new suits, weaponry and technology to deal with all manner of opponents — and this time is no different. To take on Freeze, the Caped Crusader brings out a new heated suit that comes with a fire rifle. And at first, this suit actually seems like it might do the trick.

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Unfortunately, Freeze's army on undead, frozen creatures is enough to slow Batman down and pave the way for his escape. But the icy supervillain doesn’t make a run for it on foot, or in your typical van. Instead, he hops aboard a modified tank-like vehicle designed to take on the winter terrain.

With it's bulky design and icy interior, his comic book Freezemobile also bears a remarkable resembelance to the Freezemobile that Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze drove in 1997's Batman & Robin.

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Of course, Batman eventually gives chase with his very own Bat-themed snowmobile. Before long, the superhero catches up to his nemesis, and jumps from his vehicle onto Freeze’s very own Freezemobile. Unfortunately, Batman doesn’t see the tank’s booby trap coming. At the flick of a switch, he is blasted off, trapped in an electrified fence that plunges him into glacial waters.

Since the Dark Knight usually installs traps and fail-safes on his equipment, he really should have seen this coming. Freeze has tangled with Batman so many times before that it seems like, after all this time, he’s taken some notes and used Batman’s own tricks against him. This Freezemobile could have been the end of the hero, if it wasn't for his heated, insulated suit.

Now, Freeze has made his escape thanks to his new armored vehicle, and Batman will have to once again hunt him down and put the villain on ice permanently.

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