Detective Comics #1000: Tomasi and Mahnke Tease Arkham Knight Details


Next week's supersized anniversary issue Detective Comics #1000 features a host of top writing and artistic talent who will provide a collection of short stories celebrating the legacy of Batman. In Peter Tomasi and Doug Mahnke's story, the fan-favorite Batman video game character Arkham Knight will finally step into the DC Universe.

First debuting in the bestselling 2015 video game Batman: Arkham Knight, Tomasi and Mahnke are teaming up for a 12-page story from the Arkham Knight's perspective and how the character views Batman as the true villain of Gotham City. For Tomasi, his interest in the character stemmed from writing the tie-in comic book prologue for the video game.

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"I had written a lot of chapters of the comic book prologue leading up to the recent game and, kind of really enjoyed writing the character," explained Tomasi in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "But my main thing was I was like, 'Look if I do Arkham Knight, I want to just bring someone into the character who is someone different.' They have a whole new origin and just really embraces the Arkham Knight name, and just really kind of run with it."

In addition to being told from the new Arkham Knight's perspective, the character will appear prominently in the next Detective Comics story arc written by Tomasi and illustrated by Brad Walker following the anniversary issue.

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"The story opens with a confrontation right off the bat, we dive into the action very very quickly," revealed Tomasi about the upcoming five-issue story arc. "I didn't want it to be a slow build right out of the gate; I wanted Arkham Knight to come out swinging and have a pure mission and go right at Batman for the reasons you read in 1000."

Detective Comics #1000 is by a whole host of superstar writers and artists. The issue is scheduled to go on sale March 27 from DC Comics.

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