Patrick Gleason's Detective Comics #1000 Variant Is a Familiar Throwback

As Detective Comicsmomentous 1000th issue approaches more and more variant covers for the milestone book are being revealed. Now, DC artist Patrick Gleason has revealed his cover, which may be going for one of two throwbacks, depending on how you look at it.

Gleason's cover, with colors by Alejandro Sanchez, features Batman flanked by the four Robins -- Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Jason Todd and his son, Damian Wayne. Considering Gleason has worked on Batman in the past, the most obvious throwback appears to be Batman & Robin during the New 52 with writer Peter J. Tomasi (who's currently writing Detective and has a story in the 1000th issue). Their 12th issue featured a shot of the four Robins looking upward in relatively the same order and stance as the cover.

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However, it's also possible Gleason's cover could just be him referencing the art that he did for Action Comics when it hit its 1000th issue last year. That cover featured Superman staring up into the sky with his wife Lois Lane, their son Jon and Krypto the Superdog.

In any case, regardless of which cover Gleason is referencing, he clearly loves to show a superhero family standing together.

Detective Comics #1000 releases on March 27.

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