Detective Comics #1000 Creative Roster, Details Revealed

2019 marks the 80th anniversary of Batman's debut in the pages of Detective Comics, and DC Comics is celebrating in two big ways: The first being the 1,000th issue of Detective Comics, and the second being a hardcover book.

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As revealed by DC Comics, the former will be a special oversized issue that will feature an original story by veteran Batman writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Doug Mahnke that will bring a new version of the Arkham Knight into the main DC continuity. The issue will also include original backup stories from other DC creators, chief among them being Batman alumni as Paul Dini, Neal Adams, Denny O' Neil and Kelly Jones.

The latter, a special release entitled Detective Comics: 80 Years Of Batman The Deluxe Edition, will also feature noteworthy creators contributing to the book, in addition to new artwork and never-before-told stories starring the Dark Knight.

"The enduring popularity of Batman over the past 80 years speaks to the character's multi-generational appeal," said DC publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee in a press release. "We're proud to celebrate Batman's cultural impact with these special releases and look forward to a year of commemorating this milestone anniversary with fans across the globe."

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Both items are slated to be released in March 2019, with more details regarding the character's anniversary to be revealed within the coming months.

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