Details on Free Comic Book Day set for May 4th, 2002

Official Press Release

In a historic move aimed to both celebrate and raise awareness of theuniquely American art form, the comic book industry's leading publishers areuniting to present Free Comic Book Day. Taking advantage of the massivepromotion behind next year's Spider-Man movie, plans call for Free ComicBook Day to take place on May 4th, the day after the upcoming Sonyblockbuster opens in North America.

Originally proposed by comic book retailer Joe Field of Flying Colors Comicsin Concord, California, Free Comic Book Day is supported by Diamond ComicDistributors and enthusiastically embraced by leading publishers Dark HorseComics, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Marvel Comics as a way to salute thepositive aspects of the medium, unite the industry, thank current readersand fans, and, most importantly, to invite new readers to visit their localcomics shops. Hoping to show readers just how far the four-color artform hasadvanced, each company will offer a free issue showcasing its finestefforts. Details on what each publisher will offer to follow.

"I'm confident that this industry-wide initiative will meet with amazingresults," said Marvel Editor In Chief Joe Quesada. "It's great to see ourindustry coming together for this incredible push forward into themainstream!"

"This is a great opportunity for those persons who haven't read a comic inyears to discover what Hollywood, The New York Times Best Seller list andthe Pulitzer Prize Committee already know: comics are a viable and vitalliterary medium and not just for kids only any more," said Image Comics'Vice President and Publisher Jim Valentino.

Bob Wayne, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for DC Comics, said, "We haveevery confidence Free Comic Book Day will lead more people to discover justhow much fun it is to shop for and read comics."

Dark Horse President and Publisher, Mike Richardson added, "We're extremelypleased to be working with North America's finest retailers, publishers,distributor and printer to reach out to those who are unaware of thehigh-quality comics currently available."

Maggie Thompson, editor of the weekly Comics Buyer's Guide, noted that thisis the first time in the history of comic books that the industry has cometogether for such an event. "Insiders have known for decades howentertaining comics are. Now everyone's reaching out to share what we'vealways loved."

Joe Field, originator of the event, concurred. "Comics are an amazing sourceof creativity and entertainment and we're hoping Free Comic Book Day willopen the eyes of a new generation of comic book readers."

To further whet your appetite, additional information on this program can befound in Comics Retailer issue #119 (February cover date, on sale inJanuary) as well as the January and February issues of Diamond Dialogue.Free Comic book Day is also supported by a web site,http://www.freecomicbookday.com, which features information on theparticipating publishers, titles, and more.

Retailers will soon receive much more information about Free Comic Book Day,including details on how to participate, and an outline of the extensivepromotional efforts planned for the event, including the aforementionedwebsite and Internet campaign, point of sales posters, a massive PR andadvertising campaign, and more. So keep your eyes and ears open as moredetails will follow for this titanic promotion!

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