Details on a new Captain America series coming January, 2001

Official Press Release

The Super Soldier makes his Marvel Knights debut in April 2002 when his new

series by John Ney Reiber and John Cassaday launches, but before that, three

creators new to Marvel - and one new to the comics industry itself - will

push the shield-slinger to the edge! Newly promoted Editor Andrew Lis has

assembled a trio of unique talents that will deliver an adventure that will

force Steve Rogers to both confront the problems of today's world and

rethink his very existence.

On sale January 30th, CAPTAIN AMERICA: DEAD MAN RUNNING #1 kicks off a

three-issue monthly series written by Darko Macan, illustrated by Danijel

Zezelj, and featuring painted covers by Derek Hess. Macan won an Eisner

Award for Grendel Tales: Devils and Deaths, and is writing the upcoming

Sandman Presents: The Corinthian series. Zezelj, known for his work on

Vertigo's Congo Bill and El Diablo, has also created pieces for the New York

Times Book Review. Hess, whose paintings have appeared in Spin and Juxtapoz

magazines, also created tour posters for Limp Bizkit and CD art for Tommy

Lee's Methods of Mayhem project. His posters are currently on display both

in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the world-famous Louvre.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: DEAD MAN RUNNING finds the Star-Spangled Avenger deep in

the South American jungle after responding to a distress call from a squad

of U.S. covert agents. But Captain America soon discovers that the soldiers

- and the refugees that they are protecting - are on the run not only from

their common enemy, but from justice itself! Attempting to stay one step

ahead of their pursuers, the Sentinel of Liberty will confront several

troubling questions, including: What should you do when you discover that

the actions of those you are protecting fly in the face of everything you

believe? What do you do when you find yourself an icon of forgotten times, a

symbol of ideals no longer revered? And if you're Captain America, how do

you keep going - especially if you're facing evil that a shield and a strong

right cross cannot defeat?

"This is a Captain America series with a very different tone, and a big part

of that feel comes from the fact that these creators are bringing a

completely different voice to Marvel," said Lis. "(Editor in Chief) Joe

Quesada has been very supportive as we pursue new talent, and has been

instrumental in bringing creators like Derek Hess, Darko Macan, and Danijel

Zezelj to Marvel. The House has many rooms, and there's always space for

some new residents. We think you'll enjoy their stay!"

Retailers can order CAPTAIN AMERICA: DEAD MAN RUNNING #1 in the next issue

of Diamond's Previews catalog. And readers can learn more about Captain

America at Marvel.com!

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

Marvel Comics

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