Detailed Look At Deadpool's Suit Revealed In "Extra" Set Visit

"Welcome to paradise," announces "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds at the top of this new set visit video from "Extra." The entertainment news show got to visit "Deadpool's" Vancouver set, continuing a partnership that the series has with the film after revealing the movie's R-rating on April Fool's Day. Reynolds chatted with "Extra" host Mario Lopez about the prank, which saw DP knocking the ex-"Saved By The Bell" actor out cold.

Aside from the reminiscing, the interview also gives a detailed look at Reynolds' merc getup, as he sports it throughout the entire interview. The actor also discusses everything from his recent accident with a member of the paparazzi to his family life. He also offers thanks to Deadpool's fans, crediting them with the film's existence.

"They're the reason we're here," said Reynolds of Deadpool's fanbase. "They're the reason this movie got made. They made their voice loud and they made it clear and the studio just, right away, said, 'Let's go.' Here's your release date. You're off and running."

"Deadpool" opens on February 12, 2016.

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