Despite Rumor, John Hawkes Isn't <i>The Walking Dead's</i> Governor

Contrary to what you may have read, Oscar nominee John Hawkes won't be playing The Governor, the ruthless dictator of Woodbury, Georgia, on AMC's The Walking Dead.

The rumor that the Winter's Bone actor was being considered for the role was sparked last week by horror legend Tom Savini, who told MovieWeb he had lobbied for the part himself, only to be told by co-executive producer Greg Nicotero that Hawkes was being pursued.

"Well, I never heard of John Hawkes," Savini told the website. "But then he reminds me that we were in From Dusk Till Dawn together. He is the guy at the beginning in the store that fires on them. Apparently he was up for an Academy Award. He was up for something called Winter's Bone. That's whom they are going after for The Governor. But everyone I talk to, the people that read the graphic novels ... They've all said that I would be the perfect Governor. Because he is tough and brutal. And ... I look just like the graphic depiction of him!"

But Hawkes' publicist now shoots down the rumor, writing to TheWrap, "John is NOT appearing on The Walking Dead."

Hawkes was perhaps best known for his television roles on HBO's Deadwood and ABC's Lost before going on to gain critical acclaim in such films as Winter's Bone and Martha Marcy May Marlene. As we reported this morning, he's signed on to star in the Jackie Brown prequel The Switch.

The Walking Dead resumes its second season Sunday, Feb. 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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