Despicable Me Producer Signs On For Angry Birds

The Angry Birds world domination is scheduled to continue well into 2016. That's when the game's developers Rovio Entertainment plan on unleashing a CG-animated film. While no story details have been revealed, Heat Vision reports the company has enlisted former Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel as executive producer and Despicable Me's John Cohen as producer. Rovio's plan is to finance and produce the film independently much like Marvel Studios does.

“I’m so excited and honored to be working on this film with Mikael [Hurd, Rovio CEO], David and Rovio’s incredibly talented game developers and artists,” Cohen said. “From both an entertainment and strategic perspective, Rovio is at the forefront of game innovation and is trailblazing terrific new ways for Angry Birds fans to interact with these characters. I've personally spent countless hours playing the Angry Birds games the last few years, which I can now happily justify as research for the movie."

The Angry Birds franchise, which includes the original game as well as variations dubbed Seasons, Rio, Space and Star Wars, llows players to fling birds with different abilities at egg-stealing pigs hanging out on poorly built structures.

“It has to be everything that you’d expect from an Angry Birds movie as a fan of the game, plus so much more with surprises, innovative things and twists,” Maisel said. “It’s something that we’ve worked already a lot on and we will over the next few years. It’s an experience that you’ll say, ‘Wow, I didn’t expect that.’”

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