The Avengers Have Recruited a Familiar Face to Hunt Down Deadpool

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Despicable Deadpool #298 by Gerry Duggan and Mike Hawthorne, in stores now.

In Despicable Deadpool, Wade Wilson is living up to his current comic title's descriptor.

After finding himself in the debt of Cable's evil clone Stryfe, Deadpool had no choice but to kill four people of the villain's choosing, lest Wade's daughter Ellie pays the price with her life. With each murder, the weight of his actions pressed harder and harder on him. It started with (a future version of) Cable, then Irene Merryweather. The third target, the yount mutant Genesis, actually survived the ordeal, with Wade finding a way to trick his seeming death. Then, the fourth victim, an ordinary woman, took its final toll on the regenerating degenerate.

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While he battled it out with the real Captain America over the events of Secret Empire and the deception that led to Deadpool murdering Agent Coulson, Wade began to act like less and less of a hero. Well, less than usual (which isn't saying much). But it seems that even Wade has come to see himself as irredeemable and despicable. For that reason, he's ordered a hit on himself, with a reward of $20 million, something many villains from the Marvel Universe are more than happy to follow up on.

But now, villains aren't the only ones after Deadpool. The merc with a mouth has gotten a whole lot of attention, and now Captain America has decided that's it time to bring him in. To hunt him down, the Sentinel of Liberty has assembled a team, one that includes some familiar faces. More specifically, it's a team that includes Hit-Monkey.

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Hit-Monkey was created by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajic, debuting in 2010's digital first series Hit-Monkey #1, where he was introduced as one of the world's most legendary assassins, a ghost story akin to John Wick. Hit-Monkey and Deadpool have gone head-to-head before, with the two of them even successfully killing each other (before their respective healing factors would bring them back). Therefore, it makes total sense that Hit-Monkey would be leading the pack of heroes seeking to hunt Deadpool down.

However, more recently, the ape assassin joined Domino's Mercs for Money, who worked tangentially with Deadpool. This team was also comprised of Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Masacre, Machine Man and Gorilla Man -- characters who have all joined Captain America and the Defenders in their quest to contain Deadpool. What better team to bring Deadpool in than one who is all to familiar with him? And on top of that, having the world's deadliest assassin -- one who has not only worked alongside Deadpool but also managed to kill him (temporarily) -- can only help matters.

Clearly Captain America has chosen his team carefully. Like the Mercs, the Defenders are also quite familiar with Deadpool, having worked with/against him recently in Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez's recently-concluded Defenders series. Deadpool doesn't strike us as someone who will go down quietly, which means that, before this story concludes, readers will be in for quite the Marvel all-stars brawl.

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