Desmond No Longer <i>Lost</i>, Enlists With The <i>Law</i>

Everybody's favorite time-traveling lovesick Scotsman has left the Lost island, as Henry Ian Cusick is moving on from his purgatory state for a new role in Law & Order: SVU.

Cusick joins the cast of SVU for the upcoming twelfth season as Erik Weber, a graphic artist who will appear in at least two episodes. Fans of Desmond and Penny — or Stabler and Bensen, for that matter — might be disheartened to hear that Cusick's character is being viewed as a potential love interest for Mariska Hargitay's Bensen. So much for that whole constant thing, I guess?

"There might be some flirtation," SVU executive producer Baer said of the character. "Erik meets Olivia when he comes to someone's aid. And then we'll see how it goes. Olivia is devoted to her job and knows that comes first."

Source: TV Guide

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